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Hi my name is Kevin Easterday

I am your average Christian man with many failings.  I am divorced, have two kids and have spent much of my life chasing the almighty dollar along with other man-made gods.

I am a daily failure in my attempts to walk a Christian life . . . continually sinning and chasing after the perishable things in life and not the imperishable things that God has provided.

I have established this website A Man for God.com as a way to help me overcome the self-doubt, the failures and the daily misses that draw me away from God.  In turn, I use this site to remind myself of the forgiving and loving nature of God and that I am a child of God, forgiven of my sins.

I don’t claim to be all knowing, I am not a prophet nor am I a graduate of a theology school; I am only a man, with 50+ years of life under my belt, who struggles daily to live a life pleasing to God.

I make mistakes and do the wrong thing.   Not only do I do the things I am not supposed to . . . I run toward sin.  I struggle and continuously wonder if I am worthy of his grace, worthy of his kindness and why he still provides me the blessings in my life.

I have chosen to actively pursue a life in Christ, to seek him daily, to put on the Armor of God and to battle for my family and the lost souls in this world.

I would appreciate any prayers you can send my way “Lord strengthen and protect Kevin and his family.  Give him the wisdom to understand and do your will”.

Please send me your prayer requests and I will include them in my daily prayers.

If my life sounds familiar to you, then join me as I chronicle my walk and struggles to achieve a small measure of what God wants me to be.

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