A Christian Man and his pursuit of a deeper understanding of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

There are many questions that I have during my walk with God, many things I have had to work through and still work through daily.    In trying to deepen my understanding of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit I waver daily from strong faith to the questioning my faith.  I must continually go back to the basics to help understand God and what he has in store for my life.

What is Faith, how do I get it, where does it come from; can I lose it and what happens if I do?  Is faith the goal and with stronger faith, I will be able to accomplish more in my life for God?  Is Faith the same thing as “positive thinking” or is faith a continuous journey and I shouldn’t feel bad when I have little faith.  Jesus rebuked his disciples for their “little faith”.  What about the faith of a mustard seed… where Jesus said if you have the faith of a mustard seed then you could say to this mountain be picked up and cast into the sea?  Can I have that faith?  Do I want that faith?

What is free-will and how does it relate to God’s will?  What is God’s will and how do I live my life in accordance with God’s will?  Can I know God’s will and how does my free-will align with God’s will… can it align with God’s will?  Can I get a sign… maybe a burning bush or something to help me know God’s will?  Can I ask God for a test…? If I set up a test…” God if it is your will, then make that person say ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’”, then I would know it is God’s will or is it wrong to ask for this type of proof… does that mean I don’t have faith?

How does salvation work?  Seems like a pretty good deal… just trust and believe in Jesus Christ and I get to go to heaven… is that it?  Can I live a life of sinful pleasure and still go to heaven?  What if I live a life of pleasure but not overly sinful… just a little bit of sin?  Can I be successful financially and in business and if I am successful does that disqualify me from going to heaven?

Is Satan real?  What can he do?  Does he have constraints, or can he do anything?  What can I do to prevent him from acting in my life?  Is he the reason for all the bad things I do?  Why does every fiber of my being want to chase sin?  Is that my nature or is Satan actively acting in my life?  Why does Satan hate me, and should I be worried?

What is the Goal for my life, for anyone’s life?  Why do some people of God have so much, and others have so little?  Can I do something that will help me get more blessings? What can I do to get more blessings?  Solomon was rich and so was Abraham, Jacob, and many others… can I be rich and still be ok with God?